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Why You Should Follow The Chicago Bandits On Social Media

(Photo courtesy of Chicago Bandits)

It may be the offseason in the NPF, but that doesn't mean the Chicago Bandits are any less entertaining on social media these days.

The NPF's 2019 regular-season champions have arguably the best social media presence in the league, and are known for always keeping their feeds light-hearted, fun and engaging for fans.

A perfect example of the organization's ability to entertain their followers came on Monday when 2019 All-NPF selection Gwen Svekis joked around (we hope) on Twitter that she would be moving on "from all athletic passions and pursue a pancake-making-photography blog."

The Bandits responded to their slugger's post with a slew of hilarious tweets of their own.

Long story short, Svekis is likely just joking around and probably won't be hanging up her cleats right now. You'll have to follow the Bandits, though, if you want to find out for sure.

We promise you won't regret it.


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