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Why Payton MacNair Chose The DIII Level And Rowan University

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(Photo courtesy of Rowan Athletics)

Payton MacNair is the starting shortstop for the softball team at Rowan University, a member of the NJAC at the Division III level of college softball.

MacNair, a junior from Cinnaminson, N.J., has started every game her team has played since she was a college softball rookie back in 2021. As a freshman that season, MacNair took home the NJAC Player of the Year honor.

Softball America spoke with her about the softball journey that led her to Rowan University and the Division III level of college softball.

Read below for SA's full chat with MacNair, a physical education major.

Softball America: What was your recruiting process like?

Payton MacNair: An alum had told the coach about me. She had known me for years and had seen me play many times. From there, Coach came out and watched a game of mine. I stayed in communication with her until she asked me to go on a tour of campus, and that’s when I verbally committed.

SA: Why did you choose Rowan University?

PM: I chose Rowan because it was close to home and the girls on the team were very welcoming and genuine.

SA: Who were the most important people in your softball journey?

PM: The most important people in my softball journey were my parents, Rich Onorato (my club coach) and my hitting coach, John Dockins. Each one of those people pushed me to be better, and I wouldn’t be at Rowan if it wasn’t for them.

SA: How did the travel ball experience impact your recruiting process?

PM: Travel ball allowed me to work on my skills and, overall, be a better player. It gave me the chance to play every weekend and get the repetitions and experience I needed to play at the next level.

SA: What are some tips you have to help youth players who are currently trying to get recruited?

PM: My tips would be to continuously work hard and practice. Softball is a sport where you need to continuously work on your craft. Another important tip is to always try and stay positive. Coaches are always looking to see how you react after you get out or make an error on the field, so it’s important to put the mistakes in the past and move on.

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