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Why Megan Pierro Chose The University Of South Florida

megan pierro photo courtesy of USF Athletics.jpg
(Photo courtesy of USF Athletics)

Megan Pierro has been a solid contributor for USF's softball program since her college softball career began with the Bulls back in 2019.

Pierro, a Florida native, was a 2021 Second-Team All-AAC selection. Last season, she competed in all 61 games her team played and made 60 starts at second base.

The Florida native spoke with Softball America about the recruiting journey that led her to the Bulls and her softball experience as a whole, to date.

See below for SA's full conversation with Pierro, a Biomedical Health Sciences major at USF who has one season of NCAA eligibility remaining.

Softball America: What was your recruiting process like?

Megan Pierro: I began my recruiting process fairly early by attending showcase tournaments when I was around 14 years old. I frequently attended camps for schools that I was interested in to get to know the coaching staff and see what the campus looked like. Through this, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go on several unofficial visits to find out what school was truly best for me.

SA: Why did you choose USF?

MP: I chose USF for a couple reasons. One major factor that drew me toward this school was that through my recruiting process, I felt as if the coaches wanted me to succeed not only as an athlete, but also as a person. I wanted to become a part of a program where I could succeed at my sport while also growing as an individual. I also chose USF because of the beautiful city of Tampa. I grew up in Tampa, so it was an honor to have the opportunity to represent my hometown at the collegiate level.

SA: Who were the most important people in your softball journey?

MP: The most important people in my softball journey have been my travel ball and hitting coaches. They supported me through my recruiting process and pushed me to be better in every aspect of my life. They were not only coaches to me, they were mentors. I would not be where I am today without them.

SA: How did the travel ball experience impact your recruiting process?

MP: My travel ball experience had a major impact on my recruiting process. It was important for me, at the time, to become a part of a travel ball program that was dedicated to helping me find a college program to play at. Once I committed to USF, it was then about finding the best competition in the country to help me excel as a player and prepare for the next chapter.

SA: What are some tips you have to help youth softball players who are currently getting recruited?

MP: I understand the recruiting rules have changed a lot since I was younger, however, I think it is still important to attend camps for schools that you may be interested in. Oftentimes, it can be a great way to learn about the coaching style and environment of a team to see if it would be a good fit for you. It also allows a great opportunity for you to play the game you love in front of the coaching staff.

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