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Why Lexi McDonald Chose Oklahoma State

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(Photos courtesy of Lexi McDonald)

Silo, Okla. native and 2022 recruit Lexi McDonald always hoped the day would come when an opportunity to play Division I softball was presented to her. After consistently attending camps, emailing college coaches and putting in a ton of effort to enhance her game, Oklahoma State University became the school for her.

Softball America caught up with McDonald, who plays for Silo High School and Oklahoma Athletics Fastpitch, to talk about her decision to commit to OSU.

Softball America: Why did you choose Oklahoma State? What was the recruiting process like for you?

Lexi McDonald: In 8th grade, I went to my first camp at OSU and I fell in love. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. It just feels like home. I went back to as many camps as I could, so I would be noticed and see what I'd have to do to get there one day. Throughout my high school career, I’ve emailed Coach Gajewski to keep in touch and for him not to forget about me.

The night before September 1, 2020, I didn’t even think about getting a text, call or anything from any coaches. It had been so long since I had seen anyone face-to-face or been on a campus due to COVID-19. Waking up to a text from Coach Gajewski the next morning felt like a dream. I ran through my house yelling to show my parents. I called and texted Coach (Gajewski) over the next two weeks just to figure everything out before I made this big decision. Two weeks later, I committed and finally became a Cowgirl.

SA: What do you think prepared you the most to become a D1 athlete?

LM: Growing up with both of my parents as coaches has always put me at the upper hand. Watching the older girls practice and play has had a huge impact on my knowledge of the game ever since I was little. As I got older, I got to practice with them and it made me such a better player.

My parents have always pushed me to be better ever since I was in T-ball. They taught me things about the game at such a young age, which put me at an advantage to all the other kids. Moving to Silo when I was in kindergarten and then being able to be coached at Silo High School by Coach Mike Lawless has been a huge blessing. He sees the game in a different way than others do. I am also surrounded by such good players, which makes me step up my game every time I touch a field, whether it is in practice or a game.

SA: What are you most excited for when you arrive at OSU?

LM: I’m ready to be a part of the D1 culture and be challenged to become a better person and athlete every day by the many challenges that will come my way. Making new friends that will last a lifetime is definitely something I’m looking forward to.

SA: Do you have any tips for players who are currently going through the recruiting process?

LM: Get their names out there. Go to camps and be yourself. Don’t try to get a scholarship right then. Go to get better and just be you. Email the schools on your list to make sure they know who you are. Be on a travel team or school ball team that will help you with getting recruited.


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