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Why Haley Ganino Chose Boston University

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(Photo from Haley Ganino's Twitter)

Haley Ganino, a Southern California native and class of 2022 recruit, dreamed of playing Division I softball since she was a young girl.

A pitcher, outfielder and power hitter, Ganino plays for the Monarchs travel ball organization and just finished her career at Glendora High School. After countless hours spent emailing coaches, attending college camps and improving her skills, Ganino’s dream of playing Division I softball was realized when she committed to Boston University in November.

Softball America caught up with the 2022 star to learn why she landed on Boston University as well as additional information on her softball journey to date.

Softball America: Why did you decide to play college softball for Boston University?

Haley Ganino: Other than the fact that they were the first offer that I got and I was ready to be done with the recruiting process, as soon as I got on a phone call with the BU coach, Ashley Waters, she just seemed like an amazing person with a bubbly personality, but who could also be intense. Meeting the other coaches, I felt like they would be a great fit and would create an environment that I would do really well in.

SA: What was the recruiting process like for you?

HG: It was definitely stressful. I knew that everything happens for a reason and eventually I would find my right fit, but it was just a lot of emailing and not really getting responses. Eventually, what really helped me was having a connection and travel ball coaches who knew and talked to BU for me, and that was when things really started to get moving.

SA: At what age did you know you wanted to play softball in college?

HG: Around six years old. I would always tell people I was going to play at Virginia Tech and then I was going to play in the Olympics, so it’s been a dream since I was really young.

SA: What are you most excited for when you arrive at Boston University?

HG: I’m really excited to live in the city and to be right in the heart of Boston, because that’s such a cool and unique experience. I’m also looking forward to the team atmosphere and getting to be around a really great group of people.

SA: Do you have any tips for players who are currently going through the recruiting process?

HG: I would say don’t compare yourself to others. One of the hardest things for me was social media, and I know it’s a big part of recruiting, but for me, seeing everyone post their stats and videos was super challenging. Girls would be like, “I went 10 for 12 this weekend,” or “I threw a no-hitter” and share these amazing stats, and it’s really easy just to think, “Oh, they’re better than me. Why would anyone want me?” But for girls going through the process today, just be yourself and don’t compare yourself to others, because everyone’s recruiting process is different, and just have faith that everything is going to work out in the end.

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