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Why Graceyn Frost Chose The University Of Delaware

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(Photo by Mark Campbell)

University of Delaware pitcher Graceyn Frost had a stellar first season of college softball last spring and is currently in her second year with the Blue Hens.

Frost played travel ball for the Pennsylvania Chaos and decided to stay in her hometown of Newark, Del. for her collegiate career. In her freshman campaign, Frost finished with a 2.84 ERA and 13-5 record. As a result of her stellar performance in the circle, she was named to the All-CAA Rookie Team.

Softball America caught up with Frost to discuss her experience at Delaware thus far and her path throughout her softball career to date.

Softball America: Why did you choose to play college softball at the University of Delaware?

Graceyn Frost: I chose to play at the University of Delaware for a multitude of reasons. I liked the campus, facilities and team. Growing up at the facilities, I noticed how much the University, particularly athletics, was growing. I was excited about the growth and wanted to be a part of it. More personal reasons include that my nana, Donna, was one of my biggest fans. Even though she would call softball “baseball,” she loved to be at my high school home games. One of the reasons I chose Delaware was so she would still be able to come to my home games. Unfortunately, she passed away 10 days before my first career fall-ball game.

My other biggest supporters and the people behind my success are my parents. I chose Delaware so they could still come and watch me play. Delaware caught my attention around my freshman year of high school when a new coaching staff came in. I would go to the prospect camps and liked the new staff. Coach (Jen) Steele, my head coach, as well as the pitching coach, seemed to have a very similar pitching mindset as me in the bullpens at camps. Being from Newark, Del., I wanted to represent my hometown and home state. I wanted to help put Delaware on the map.

SA: You played for a high-level travel program. How did that prepare you for the Division I level?

GF: I played for two high-level travel programs: EC Bullets and PA Chaos. Playing high-level travel ball gave me insight about traveling and competition. I am very grateful to have traveled across the country with those two programs. Almost every Friday after school, I would fly or drive somewhere with one of my parents. Long travel, competing, doing schoolwork and then going to school the next morning provided insight on what balancing travel and schoolwork would be like in college. Playing for top programs, I got to compete at the highest level in travel ball. I was able to see how I matched up with some of the best players and teams at the time. This helped me learn and evolve my game to a higher level.

SA: As you continue your career at Delaware, what are you looking forward to the most?

GF: As I continue my career at Delaware, I am looking forward to many things—making more memories with teammates, watching other Delaware sports play, competing and winning. My teammates are some of my best friends. We are always laughing together. When possible, my teammates and I like to show our support for other Delaware sports teams at home games. I look forward to attending more games and to keep competing and winning.

SA: Throughout your years playing softball, what has been your biggest motivator?

GF: Throughout my years of softball, my own love for the game and competitive mindset has been my biggest motivator. To travel the country, commit to play softball and play some of the top travel-ball players and teams would have added a lot more stress and negativity (to my life) if I did not love the game or competing.

SA: What advice would you give to young softball players who are currently going through the recruiting process?

GF: Go get what you want. Get in front of coaches by going to prospect camps at schools you are interested in. Show you are coachable. If a coach teaches or tells you something, do it for the entire camp. Maybe even do it from then on. This shows the coaches you are a coachable player and will try to fit into their team dynamic and philosophy. Be loud, proud and confident on the field. There are thousands of girls at your position, so show college coaches why they should choose you.


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