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Why Courtney Brobst Chose Post University, D2 Softball

Courtney Brobst photo courtesy of Post Athletics.jpg
(Photo courtesy of Post Athletics)

Courtney Brobst is a senior middle infielder and third baseman for the Post University softball team, a Division 2 program located in Waterbury, Conn.

Brobst, a Delaware native and graduate of Caravel Academy, started 60 games for her team as a junior last spring and helped the Eagles advance to the CACC Tournament.

Softball America caught up with Brobst about the recruiting journey that led her to Post and the Division 2 level of college softball, her softball experience to date and much more.

See below for SA's full conversation with the business major who is in Post's Honors Program.

Softball America: What was your recruiting process like?

Courtney Brobst: The recruiting process was long and difficult, and it had many ups and downs. I was in contact with a few schools, but I never felt that one school was a perfect fit for me until I found Post. When I first began my process, I would contact many schools in the areas where I would be interested in living. I knew I did not want to be a plane ride away, but I did not want to stay in-state. I also liked the feel of a smaller school because I came from a small high school.

Throughout my high school career I was in contact with a few schools that fit this criteria, and I would go to different camps and programs where I could meet other schools' coaches as well. My travel ball coaches from the Pennsbury Gems Gold were a huge help because they would not pressure me to commit until I felt I found the right school for me. Even after this whole process, the Post University coach saw me at my last tournament and last game of the summer going into my senior year. She invited me for a visit the following week, and I committed a week after my visit. Even though at the end it was all by chance that Post saw me that day, I still know all the work and effort that went into my recruiting process was worth it because I built some great connections along the way.

SA: Why did you choose Post University?

CB: I chose Post because it fit all the criteria in a school that I was looking for. Post is a small school where most of the on-campus students are athletes. They are also a great business school, which is exactly what I wanted to study, and I knew I would have a great balance of the sport I love along with working toward my degree. We have small class sizes where I always have a friendly face in my class, along with building strong personal connections with my professors. Lastly, when I stepped on campus, I just knew it was the perfect campus for me and it was a perfect distance away from home.

SA: Who were the most important people in your softball journey?

CB: There were so many people in my life who were important in my recruiting process. To start, my parents and family were the biggest supporters in my process for always driving me to tournaments and supporting me to make my own decisions in my own time.

They saw all the behind-the-scenes work, successes and struggles that no one else saw and they always had my back. Also, all of my coaches from my high school coach to the Pennsbury Gems Gold coaching staff made the process so much easier by being the ear to listen to and to give advice along the way. I never felt like I was alone in this process, and I appreciate everyone who helped me along the way.

SA: How did the travel ball experience impact your recruiting process?

CB: The Gems also made the recruiting process so much easier by supplying all of the players with a report of the college coaches who watched us each day at tournaments, who they watched and if they were interested. This would make it so much easier to email and contact any coach who could have seen me throughout the day. The Gems also had many great connections, and as a coaching staff, they were willing to do anything to help us through the process. All of my coaches were always so supportive and always believed in me, and even to this day, I know that if I called any of them they would be there for me.

SA: What are some tips you have to help youth players who are currently getting recruited?

CB: Do not feel pressure to commit somewhere even if you may be the last person to commit. I met some really great coaches and saw some amazing campuses, but I knew that they were not the right fit for me. Choose a school that will allow you to enjoy your time on the field, but also allow you to excel in the classroom. Try not to choose a school just for the sport you love. It may seem great at first, but softball should remain enjoyable and should not become a job that overshadows your academics. Remember, you are going to college for a degree to support you for the rest of your life, and softball is a wonderful part in the journey.

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