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Why Azea Lightbody Chose Morehead State University

azea lightbody photo by michele lightbody.jpg
(Photo by Michele Lightbody)

Azea Lightbody, a 2023 high school graduate from Wentzville, Mo., will join the Morehead State University softball team this fall. The Eagles compete at the Division I level of college softball in the Ohio Valley Conference.

Starting this fall, Lightbody will play alongside her sister, Ilencia Lightbody, who is a rising junior for Morehead State. During her travel softball career, Lightbody competed for the Kentucky Bombers. She is a middle infielder and utility player.

Softball America had the opportunity to speak with Lightbody about her upcoming college softball career, recruiting process and being reunited on the field with her sister. Read the full interview below.

Softball America: What was your recruiting process like?

Azea Lightbody: The recruiting process was really fun, but it also became stressful at times. Sending emails and getting my name out there for coaches was a big part of my process. I loved going to camps and meeting other players from all over the U.S. Morehead State was always a top school for me, so I was very excited to be able to commit there.

SA: Why did you choose Morehead State University?

AL: I chose Morehead State because it gave me the ability to play softball and still pursue the major I wanted. I like the size of the campus as well as the class sizes. A lot of people talk about knowing where your fit is when you step on campus, and Morehead State gave me that at-home feel.

SA: What does it mean to you to be able to play college softball with your sister?

AL: I’m actually very excited to play with my sister. It’s reassuring that I’ll already know someone on the team, so hopefully I’ll feel more comfortable when I get to campus. We’ve played together for the majority of my softball career, so I’m excited to play with her again at the next level.

SA: What helped you get ready for the next step in your softball career?

AL: My dad has been my coach for the majority of my softball career, and he has helped develop me into the player I am today. He’s always finding new drills for me (to do) to improve my skills, so the game comes easier to me. Getting into the weight room and working on my mental game are also two big factors that are helping me prep for the next level.

SA: What are you looking forward to at Morehead State?

AL: While I am a little nervous for my freshman year, I’m excited to keep working and see it pay off on the field. I’m also looking forward to starting on my career path to being a psychiatrist. Knowing that I’ll be playing with my sister again and rooming with one of my current teammates, Karlie Gibson, makes me more prepared for the next year.

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