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Why Ashleigh Fultz Chose Division III Brandeis

(Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Fultz)

Brandeis University sophomore infielder Ashleigh Fultz is a college softball player who is on the pre-med track. The Silver Spring, Md. native hopes to one day become a dermatologist and chose Brandeis—a high-academic Division III institution in Massachusetts—so she could achieve that goal.

SA caught up with Fultz to learn all about the recruiting journey and decision-making process that led her to Brandeis. See below for more information on Fultz's road to becoming a Division III softball player.

Softball America: What was the recruiting process like for you?

Ashleigh Fultz: The recruiting process for me was a blur. It was a constant physical and mental battle with myself to be the best I could be to get into a great college. A lot of my high school sophomore summer and junior year were tournaments, college camps, workouts, skills camps, practices for three or more teams and schoolwork. This process of recruiting is the challenge that you have to face when you're a student-athlete. It takes a toll on your body, mind and attitude. The challenge for me, specifically, was the time management of recruitment. It was a struggle for me to want to do regular teenage things like hanging out with friends but having to realize I didn't have time for that. I needed to focus on my goal and attain it.

SA: Why did you choose Brandeis?

AF: When I was being recruited, I was looked at by multiple (NCAA) divisions. The big factor in my decision is what school would benefit me after my college athletic career. Brandeis, compared to other programs, was not as competitive or had great stats. However, what they did have for me was a great college outside of athletics. It was a school with one of the top science programs in the country, and it held a future for me academically and not just athletically.

SA: What experiences helped you land the role you are in today at Brandeis?

AF: The specific role I play at Brandeis today is a student-athlete who is tenacious in everything she does. The experiences that helped me a lot to form this role come from a lot of my role models from my teenage years. The most prominent role model of mine is my grandfather. My grandfather taught me never to give up and that no dream is too big.

SA: Would you have done anything differently during the recruiting process?

AF: If there was something I could have done differently, I think it would have to be relaxing. A lot of the time when I was going to tournaments, I put so much pressure on myself to be the best, and it was honestly exhausting. I wish I enjoyed it a little more.

SA: Do you have any advice for young softball athletes?

AF: The advice I would give to young athletes is to go somewhere that will provide them with both an athletic and academic future. Secondly, when you are being recruited and go to tournaments, play to have fun and be challenged, not to be the best there. When you play to have fun, you will turn yourself into the best player you can be physically and mentally.

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