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Why Allison Benning Chose Oregon

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(Photo courtesy of Oregon Athletics)

Allison Benning knew since she was 10 years old that she wanted to play Division I softball. She competed during her high school career at Stillwater High School in Stillwater, Minn., while making the trek to Kansas City, Mo. to play for her Top Gun Fastpitch club team.

Softball America caught up with Benning, now a college sophomore at Oregon, about the recruiting journey that led her to the Ducks as a dual-threat player who can get it done both in the circle and at the plate.

Benning made a splash at the plate during her freshman campaign, batting .290 with three doubles, a home run and six RBIs in 31 at-bats. She also made three appearances in the circle for the Ducks, recording one start and seven strikeouts as a rookie.

Softball America: Why did you decide to play college softball at Oregon?

Allison Benning: I decided to play for the University of Oregon because I wanted to play for a great program with an incredible coaching staff. I also loved the campus, and the Duck fans are awesome.

SA: When did you start playing softball and what made you stick with it?

AB: I started playing softball when I was seven years old. I loved the competitiveness, how fast-paced it is and the team aspect, which is why I wanted to stick with it.

SA: During your freshman year at Oregon, what is one of the most important things you learned as a Division I student-athlete?

AB: I learned how important it is to be organized and have good time management skills. Sometimes it can be difficult to manage all the responsibilities that you have as a student-athlete, so learning organization and time management skills are extremely important to succeed.

SA: What are you most excited for at Oregon looking into your future as a student-athlete there?

AB: I am super excited that I get three more years to compete at a high level. I have been extremely competitive ever since I was a young kid, and I love that I get to be in such a competitive environment every day.

SA: Who was your biggest inspiration growing up?

AB: My hero growing up was Sara Moulton, who was an All-American pitcher for the University of Minnesota from 2010 to 2014. I loved watching her pitch because she was super competitive and was raised in Minnesota like I was.

SA: Do you have any tips for youth softball players currently going through the recruiting process?

AB: My biggest piece of advice would be to trust the process. Your recruiting process might not be exactly what you had pictured, but you must adapt and trust that you will find where you are destined to be.

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