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What Sis Bates Means To College Softball

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

Who is Sis Bates? Yes, everyone who follows college softball knows of Sis Bates, the star Washington shortstop with the stellar glove, quick hands and cheery personality on the field. But does every fan know Sis Bates?

Over the past few weeks, Softball America has gathered comments from Bates’ current and former teammates to find out more about one of the faces of the game.

Here are the responses from across the country to the question: “Who is Sis Bates to you?”

Taran Alvelo, former Washington pitcher

“To me, Sis is more than just the player that steps out there on the field. She’s one of the most loving people I have ever met. I have been blessed to know Sis since we were in middle school, we met through UW camps, became best friends and because of that our relationship goes so much deeper than softball. There will never come a day that I won’t be in Sis Bates’ corner, rooting for her, supporting her and of course being one of her biggest fangirls. I had the privilege to play three amazing years with Sis at Washington, and I am just waiting for the day that we get to step on the field together again.”

Taryn Atlee, Washington second baseman

“Sis Bates is my best friend in this entire world. She’s someone I count on not just on the field, but off the field as well. If there’s someone who knows me inside and out, it’s her. She’s made the biggest impact on me, not just by the player she is, but the person that she is. There’s no one else I would want to turn double plays with, embarrassingly dance with and call my best friend.”

Morganne Flores, Washington catcher

“Sis is a true sister to me. She is someone that will make me laugh so hard that I cry and someone who sets the example of what a good teammate and friend is. She is the light of any room she walks in. She is a true competitor and will do anything for her teammates.”

Kaija Gibson, Washington utility 

“To me, Sis is a lifelong friend, teammate and sister. I admire her strength and passion for the game as well as her ability to make the people around her smile. Her consistent energy makes it so much fun to be around her on and off the field.”

Kindra Hackbarth, Arizona State outfielder

“I wear 22 because of Sis Bates. She’s an inspiration. I want to be as good as a person as her because she gives back to her community and to everything. It’s Sis, there’s no one that’s like her. You hear the name Sis, you think of her and you get a smile on your face. She’s awesome, it’s hard to describe her because she’s such a good person.”

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Maddi Hackbarth, Arizona State catcher

“Sis Bates is someone I look up to on and off the field. She’s an incredible person, just an amazing athlete, always has great energy and a positive attitude. The little kids look up to her. I’ll let her get me out any single day. She’s someone I’ve known for a long time since I was little and someone I’ll know for the rest of my life. Even though we’re not on the same team, she’s a sister to me and I’ll love her for the rest of my life.”

Emma Helm, Washington utility 

“Sis is a sister to me, she’s a leader and a super hard worker. She takes time to make everyone feel special and is always keeping our energy up. She will forever be someone I admire on and off the field and I know she will continue to inspire people throughout her life.”

Dejah Mulipola, Arizona/Team USA catcher

“Sis Bates to me is exactly what her name entails, a sister. Since I met her, we have had an amazing friendship on and off the field, which is something I treasure so much. To know her is to love her and I’m so thankful that softball has brought me one of the best teammates and friends that I’ve encountered.”

Bubba Nickles, UCLA/Team USA outfielder

“Sis Bates is one of those people who can lighten anyone’s day. And that's not just because of her infectious smile and giggly personality, but because she really brings out the best in everyone. She knows that I don’t take life too seriously, and when she sees that I am doing that at times, she will do anything from saying a funny joke or doing a wild dance to make my goofy side come out again. She knows how to keep things fun and light-hearted. The world needs more people like Sis Bates.

Ari Quinones, Washington infielder

“Sis is an older sister I’ve always wanted. She's someone I look up to who always holds me accountable. Playing behind Sis has made me push myself harder than I ever have before because when the opportunity presents itself, those are big shoes to fill.”

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