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What It's Like To Decommit Late In The Recruiting Process

(Photo by Don Liebig/ASUCLA)

Sophomore catcher Sara Rusconi Vicinanza could not be happier with where she ended up for college, but it wasn’t a direct road to get there.

Initially committed to the University of San Diego, Rusconi Vicinanza switched her commitment during the summer before starting college and decided instead to attend UCLA and become a Bruin softball player.

SA caught up with Rusconi Vicinanza about her journey to UCLA. Learn about her story below.

Softball America: When did you commit to the University of San Diego and why did you commit there?

Sara Rusconi Vicinanza: I committed to the University of San Diego in November of 2017. I committed there because I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play softball and further my academic career.

SA: What made you decommit from the University of San Diego?

SRV: I decommitted due to the changes in the coaching staff during my senior year of high school. I felt like decommiting was the right choice for me and my future.

SA: How was the recruiting process after you decommitted?

SRV: The recruiting process was very easy. With it being my last travel ball summer, I knew I was in good hands. With the help of my travel ball coaches, I was able to have a really smooth and stress-free process.

SA: What made you decide to commit to UCLA?

SRV: Besides the excellent softball program at UCLA, I was also really drawn to the high-caliber academics the school has to offer.

SA: What is your favorite aspect of UCLA's softball program?

SRV: My favorite part of the program at UCLA is the team dynamic. All the girls are like family to me, and every day we get to practice, we always just have a lot of fun.

SA: What are you most excited about for this coming season?

SRV: I am most excited to hopefully be able to have a season and compete with my teammates.

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