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What Do College Coaches Actually Look For In Recruits?

(Photo courtesy of Clemson Softball)

The college softball recruiting process can sometimes be a tricky one for high school student-athletes to navigate. With so many players around the country vying for precious spots on collegiate rosters, it's often hard to know if one is going about the process the right way, both on and off the field.

But, the process can become much easier for student-athletes when they find out what certain college coaches are actually looking for when they recruit.

Below, read what three Division I college softball coaches had to say about what they look for in prospective student-athletes during the recruiting process.

Melissa Inouye, Head Coach, Fordham University

"Academics is the first piece I look at. I want to see what kind of classes student-athletes are taking, as well as whether or not they've taken the SAT or ACT yet, especially being at a higher-academic institution. We always suggest that they take it by at least the fall of their junior year, but the earlier the better because if they do well [on the SAT or ACT], they will have more options from an academic standpoint."

"Other things I look for are athleticism, energy, passion, versatility and how they're carrying themselves on the field. You always hear coaches talking about whether or not athletes pass the eye test. What kind of energy is she giving off? How does she carry herself? Is her shirt tucked in? Is she put together? I watch warmups a lot, and if you're not catching my eye during warmups, you're probably not going to catch my eye during the game."

Kyle Jamieson, Associate Head Coach, Clemson University

"I look for competitors who hate to lose. I also want players who are good teammates and like to be challenged and pushed. Players who have a little bit of swag and savviness, and are also athletic, typically catch my eye, too."

Jessica Bump, Assistant Coach, Binghamton University

"I feel like it's easy to say that we all walk into games and are looking for athletes who are going to make immediate impacts on our programs, but it's much more than that. One thing we always talk about is when you get into our program, we never want to have to talk about effort and attitude. So when I am watching games, I'm looking for how athletes respond to any situation that's thrown at them, either positive or negative."

"I also watch how athletes treat their teammates, coaches and opponents. If I see an athlete who loves playing the game, respects the game and goes all out all the time, more times than not, I'm going to make it a priority to go back and watch more of her."

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