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'Trusting The Process' Can Change A Player's Mindset

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Sometimes, the present doesn’t make sense when things aren’t going well.

What did I do to deserve this?

Why are bad things happening to me?

Why me and not her?

We ask, What did I do? or Why me? But, the truth of the matter is... we don’t know.

The past has already happened, and the future is not something to be determined from the present moment. The only thing we can change is our mindset. Our mindset is everything. Our mindset determines happiness or sadness. Our mindset determines good days or bad days. Our mindset determines a positive or negative future.

But, what is “mindset”?

“Mindset” is such a broad term. What know-it-all decided that this broad term could have such a specific impact on our lives? Quite honestly, a positive mindset takes a ton of work. A positive mindset is constant and takes consistency. It has everything to do with our day-to-day thoughts, and more importantly, our self-talk.

Positive self-talk sounds like a simple task to accomplish, but in fact, it is one of the hardest things to achieve in our lives. Think about all of the times we are thinking to ourselves (every second of every day). Each time we think to ourselves creates a time we can practice positive self-talk.

Instead of asking, Why me?, think, I am going to be so much stronger and smarter when I get through this.

Instead of asking, What happened to get me to this point?, ask, how can I grow from this situation?

Instead of asking, Why now?, ask, why not now?

A “right time” does not exist. We tell ourselves, When I have this, I will be happy.

When I achieve this, I will have worth.

When I am in a better place, I will get this accomplished.

Why not now?

The key piece to “everything falling into place” is believing that we can grow from any situation. Whether we believe it or not, every “bad” situation we go through makes us stronger in future hardships. Every negative mindset can become a positive mindset. Every loss can become a win. Every setback gives us the perfect opportunity for a comeback. Through triumph or trial, we can grow.


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