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Topps Highlights Women’s Professional Softball For First Time


As Athletes Unlimited launched its inaugural softball league, The Topps Company commemorated the moment with an exclusive trading card set as part of the company’s online on-demand program.

The first women’s professional softball trading card set in the 82-year history of Topps, the Athletes Unlimited Softball limited-edition cards feature 56 of the world’s top softball players, including 17 soon-to-be Olympians from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Italy.

The Athletes Unlimited league, featuring the likes of Cat Osterman, Jazmyn Jackson, Victoria Hayward, Amanda Chidester, Aleshia Ocasio, Haylie Wagner, Samantha Show, Tori Vidales, Jessica Warren and several other softball stars, is currently competing through Sept. 28 at Parkway Bank Sports Complex in Illinois.

“Topps has always been on the forefront of sports, producing cards that represent the athletes,” says David Leiner, Topps general manager. “Topps is thrilled to partner with Athletes Unlimited to produce trading cards that will allow millions of fans around the world the opportunity to celebrate the inaugural softball league featuring the top players in their respective sport, for the first time in our history.”

The $20 on-demand creation from Topps includes 56 individual player cards and four “About the League” cards. Starting Oct. 5, Topps will break out a “Championship Set” to highlight the league’s champion, defensive player of the season and other award winners.

“Having a brand like The Topps Company celebrate our Athletes Unlimited softball league as their first women’s pro set is an honor,” says Jon Patricof, CEO and co-founder of Athletes Unlimited. “These sets will honor some of the greatest female pro athletes competing today and allow our fans the opportunity to own a piece of history.”

Tim Newcomb covers gear and business for Softball America.

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