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Tips To Help College Softball Players During Finals Time

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(Photo courtesy of Duke Softball Twitter)

After coming back from a much-needed and hopefully restful Thanksgiving break, the dreaded final weeks of the semester are upon us. The end of the term can strike fear in many of us college softball players. We already have a lot on our plates, but with added final exams and papers, our motivation to finish strong can sometimes be lacking.

Below, I give you tips to stay focused and get it done during finals time.

Jala Wright is a junior pitcher for Duke University and an intern for Softball America. Wright transferred to Duke following her freshman season at Michigan State University.

Remember, This Is Temporary

These final weeks of the semester will not last forever. The day when you are stress-free and on winter break is coming slowly but surely. I know it may feel overwhelming right now, but you will get through it. This is the time to push through with everything you have left in the tank. You have worked hard all semester to earn the break that is ahead of you. Lean on your loved ones for support and encouragement. Study, rest and repeat. How you do on your exams this semester will not determine the rest of your life. Be sure to not let the stress of it all define your self-worth, value and purpose.

Create A Countdown

A visual reminder of the remaining days within finals time will induce motivation to get through each day. Being one day closer to the end goal should boost your morale through the roof, as this time the following week you'll be back in your hometown with your loved ones.

Have A Study Plan In Place

Pulling all-nighters and studying for hours on end is not the best way for your brain to process the information it needs to retain. And as you map out your study plan, be sure to include healthy breaks. Take a step back to better retain the material you are studying. For example, set a timer for 20 minutes to focus on the task at hand. When the timer goes off, take a five-minute break to stretch, grab a bite to eat or scroll on social media. Repeat this cycle three to five times. After you’ve completed all the rounds, take a 30-minute break to decompress.

Use Your Resources

Ask for help! Your family, friends, professors and coaches want you to succeed to the best of your ability. Use all your resources adequately for academic help and advice. If you are unsure of any expectations, assignments or grades needed to succeed in a particular class, contact the best resource available to you. Additionally, use your family and friends as a resource to vent any pressure you may feel. You have resources for a reason, and now is the time to utilize them.

Evaluate Expectations

Check in with yourself regularly to evaluate the expectations you have for yourself. As a student-athlete, there are already enormous expectations on the field. By adding on the pressure to get perfect grades, you may hinder your ability to actually perform well. Cultivating positive self-talk will help you let go of things that are not worth your mental energy.


Long days of studying followed by back-to-back exams may leave you feeling drained. To overcome a motivational slump, make sure to do things that recharge your mind, body and soul. And be intentional about it. Give yourself something to look forward to by scheduling an activity you enjoy. It could be anything from going to the movies, getting a mani and pedi, going on a date with a significant other or having quiet alone time.

Trust In Yourself

Think of your finals as any other game. Believe in yourself. Feel free to let your instincts guide you to success. You have done this time and time again, so what's another time? Take all your confidence into your finals knowing you are prepared and you will succeed!

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