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Tips For Surviving Spring Semester As A College Softball Player

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(Photo by Duke Athletics)

The start of the spring semester is one of the best times of the year for college softball players. The softball season they have been preparing long and hard for is finally upon them, and so are the academic demands of the spring semester. Life as a softball student-athlete becomes bittersweet in the spring, due to the increased excitement and pressures that the season brings.

Below are five tips to help you survive the spring semester as a college softball student-athlete.

Time Management

The most crucial piece of advice for thriving during the spring semester is to practice time management. During weekend series, there is little to no time to work on assignments or study as you are traveling to different stadiums, practicing and of course playing multiple seven-inning games. You will be tired mentally and physically, so take the unnecessary pressure off of yourself by completing your homework and studying in advance. Make a calendar of all your to-dos and then stick to it to ensure that your mind is clear for your weekend series and even mid-week games.

Write Down And Track Your Goals

Due to the season being a strenuous grind, you may feel like you get lost along the way. The fatigue could set in, you may not be performing as well as you would like to or school may feel overwhelming. When those factors come into play, you'll want to have goals to remind yourself about. Those will become your "why" and help you refocus on the bigger picture. You will be able to assess if you are still on the right path to accomplish your goals or if you may need to change them.

Rest And Eat Properly

There may be days when you are up at 6 a.m. and not back into bed until midnight due to classes, practices, study hours and social events. With that being said, you must nourish your body properly to withstand all that is asked of you. Go to bed early when you can, or as soon as you finish your day, put your phone down and go to sleep. Furthermore, try to eat three full and healthy meals with some adequate snacks mixed in. That includes consuming proteins, carbs, veggies and a little something sweet that will do the soul some good.

Communicate With Professors

Multiple classes will be missed due to the travel that is required for games during the spring semester. It is important to build relationships and communicate with all your professors to maintain a good rapport and be able to learn the material you will not be present to learn in class. This will hopefully allow you to have some grace on due dates, exams and presentations. Please advocate for yourself to help relieve what's already on your full plate.

Learn From Your Failures

Softball is a game of failure and the student-athlete lifestyle is not easy. There will be bad days, bad grades and low self-esteem felt along the way. It is important that you do not wear your emotions on your sleeve and let them get the best of you. The spring semester holds so many opportunities for you to succeed, so please do not dwell on one or two bad events. Learn from them, move on and make the adjustments that are necessary to be better for the next opportunity in front of you.

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