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The Art of Tailgating (Texas Style)

(Photo Courtesy of Texas Athletics)

After a weekend in Austin, Softball America learned five things about tailgating that all programs should adopt.


Have a smoker? Load it up in the truck and have others bring the meats. The ideal tailgate will have a variety of meats like brisket, pork and chicken. Get to the field about six hours early and the food should ready before game time.

Chips, salsa and guac

Homemade guacamole and salsa is key for any tailgate. It’s simple and allows people to snack throughout the afternoon.


A good veggie tray never hurts. You may have someone who tries to eat healthy or is a vegetarian. But don’t forget the ranch dip!

Corn Hole

Corn hole or bags, depending on where you’re from, keeps the kids entertained while the adults enjoy conversation or vice versa because halfway through the pre-game ritual, the adults will take over the game.


If your school is anything like Texas, then you know alcoholic beverages are sold on campus. Corona is actually a sponsor of Longhorn Athletics. So, make sure to pack the Yeti and lots of ice as the day could be long and depending on how the game goes, the night could make it longer. Be sure to pack plenty of water to go with your beverages of choice. Don't forget the limes!

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