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SA's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Softball Lovers

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(Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

The holidays are an exciting time of year for fun, family and gifts. With the 2022 holiday season on the horizon, it is time to start thinking about how to make your gifts count for the softball lovers in your life.

Let a college softball player like Duke pitcher and Softball America intern Jala Wright help you make the best gift choices possible to leave your softball lover smiling from ear to ear this winter.

See below for SA's gift guide for the 2022 holiday season.

The WCWS Experience or College Softball Tickets

What softball lover does not want to go to the Women’s College World Series? It's every little girl's dream who plays the game and every softball parent's goal for their daughter, as well as an amazing spectator experience for all. This is the top gift you can give to any softball lover. The intense games, publicity the tournament gets and stadium atmosphere feels like nothing else in the sport. I know this experience is very expensive, so I propose a backup option: tickets to watch a softball lover’s favorite college softball team. You can purchase single-game tickets for some schools that sell tickets or even just take your softball lover to the free softball games that take place at colleges and universities around the country as well.

Softball-Themed Accessories

Accessories open doors to a world of possibilities. Customized water bottles or Hydro Flasks are great options for softball lovers, as well as softball-themed Croc Jibbitz, personalized bags and jewelry. You can really think of any accessory and get it customized to a softball player’s liking by using their favorite softball team, number, player or colors.

Softball Apparel

Softball lovers big and small love apparel. Clothing that represents a softball lover’s favorite collegiate team, international-team gear or just a big softball imprinted on the front of an item of clothing is sure to produce a smile. There are various stores and websites that have clothing deals for softball lovers, especially around Black Friday. Also, softball lovers tend to love Lululemon and other athleisure brands too.

A New Bat

A classic holiday gift for a softball lover is a brand-new stick full of pop! The hottest and latest bat will have your softball lover hitting bombs come springtime. With various brands of bats on the market, be sure to ask some questions first to make sure it's your softball lover's type. Softball players often tend to have a sweet spot for particular brands and styles.

Softball-Themed Stocking Stuffers

Everyone loves stocking stuffers, and especially softball lovers who can use their little gifts to help them excel on the field. Softball-themed stocking stuffer ideas should be focused on essentials a player needs daily and are small, inexpensive items that make a world of difference for them when it comes to game day. Such items include sports bras and spandex, bows, lip balm with SPF, gum, sunflower seeds, headbands and even a journal. All of these small items can be stuffed into a stocking and provide loads of joy and practical use for the softball lover in your life this holiday season.

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