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Road To WCWS: The Bracket

(Bracket Courtesy of NCAA Softball)

Here's the official bracket for the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

Norman, OK.
Evanston, IL.
1. (1) Oklahoma^*1. (16) Northwestern^
2. Notre Dame2. Southern Illinois
3. Wisconsin3. Louisville
4. UMBC*4. Detroit Mercy*
Los Angeles, CA.Ann Arbor, MI.
1. (2) UCLA^*1. (15) Michigan^*
2. Missouri2. James Madison*
3. Cal State Fullerton*3. DePaul*
4. Weber State*4. Saint Francis (PA)*
Seattle, WA.Lexington, KY.
1. (3) Washington^1. (14) Kentucky^
2. Mississippi State2. Virginia Tech
3. Seattle*3. Illinois
4. Fordham*4. Toledo*
Tallahassee, FL.Stillwater, OK.
1. (4) Florida State^*1. (13) Oklahoma State^
2. Virginia Tech2. Arkansas
3. Oregon State3. Tulsa*
4. Alabama State*4. BYU*
Gainesville, FL.
Knoxville, TN.
1. (5) Florida^*1. (12) Tennessee^
2. Stanford2. North Carolina
3. Boise State3. Ohio State
4. Boston U*4. Longwood*
Tucson, AZ.Oxford, MS.
1. (6) Arizona^1. (11) Ole Miss^
2. Auburn2. Louisiana*
3. Colorado State*3. SEMO*
4. Harvard*4. Chattanooga*
Minneapolis, MN.Baton Rouge, LA.
1. (7) Minnesota^1. (10) LSU^
2. Georgia2. Texas Tech
3. Drake*3. La Tech*
4. North Dakota State*4. Monmouth*
Tuscaloosa, AL.Austin, TX.
1. (8) Alabama^1. (9) Texas^
2. Arizona State2. Houston
3. Lipscomb*3. Texas A&M
4. Alabama State*4. Sam Houston State*

^ denotes host school
* denotes automatic qualifier


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