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Road To WCWS: Field of 64 Projection (5/12/19)

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Happy Selection Show Sunday and Happy Mother's Day to to all of those celebrating today! With that, we present to you our final Field of 64 Projection before the bracket is revealed tonight.

We've had a lot of movement since we posted our last projection. Also, keep in mind that the A10 is yet to decided.

With the Big 12 Tournament getting rained out, No. 1 Oklahoma won the automatic qualifier and will enter the NCAA Tournament as our No. 1 overall seed. Washington, UCLA, Alabama and Arizona will round out the top five.

Determining seeds No. 6 and No. 7 were a lock with Florida State and Florida after the Gators swept the SEC Tournament. But, it's LSU taking over the No. 8 seed and Texas dropping to No. 9 that shakes up the Super Regional sites.

Minnesota at No. 10 has amazing Super Regional potential, matching up with the Gators.

Tennessee, Oklahoma State and Kentucky are our No. 11, 12 and 13 seeds with Michigan at No. 14. The Wolverines Big Ten regular season title and tournament championship should cement Ann Arbor as a Regional site.

James Madison has the No. 15 with Auburn as it's 2-seed. The last national seed belong to Louisiana. The debate can be made for Ole Miss but either way one of the two will be the No. 16 seed in our opinion with the other as the No. 2.

Norman, OK.
Lafayette, LA.
1. (1) Oklahoma^*1. (16) Louisiana^*
2. Missouri2. Ole Miss
3. Tulsa3. La Tech*
4. UMBC*4. Sam Houston State*
Seattle, WA.Harrisonburg, VA.
1. (2) Washington^1. (15) JMU^*
2. Drake*2. Auburn
3. Wisconsin3. Longwood*
4. Seattle*4. George Washington/Fordham*
Los Angeles, CA.Ann Arbor, MI.
1. (3) UCLA^*1. (14) Michigan^*
2. Colorado State*2. Georgia
3. Fullerton*3. Notre Dame
4. Weber State*4. Detroit*
Tuscaloosa, AL.Lexington, KY.
1. (4) Alabama^1. (13) Kentucky^
2. Virginia Tech2. Northwestern
3. Oregon State3. Louisville
4. Alabama State*4. Toledo*
Tucson, AZ.
Stillwater, OK.
1. (5) Arizona^1. (12) Oklahoma State^
2. Mississippi State2. Arkansas
3. Boise State3. SEMO*
4. BYU*4. Boston U*
Tallahassee, FL.Knoxville, TN.
1. (6) Florida State^*1. (11) Tennessee^
2. South Carolina2. North Carolina
3. Illinois3. Lipscomb*
4. Harvard*4. Chattanooga*
Gainesville, FL.Minneapolis, MN.
1. (7) Florida^*1. (10) Minnesota^
2. USF*2. Stanford
3. Ohio State3. North Dakota State*
4. Bethune-Cookman*4. DePaul*
Baton Rouge, LA.Austin, TX.
1. (8) LSU^1. (9) Texas^
2. Texas Tech2. Arizona State
3. Houston3. Texas A&M
4. Saint Francis (PA)*4. Monmouth*

^ denotes host school
* denotes automatic qualifier

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