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Road To OKC: Field Of 64 Projection (5/8/19)

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The postseason is here! Can you believe it? With that comes our third Field of 64 Projection.

Keep in mind that this Field of 64 is projecting the remainder of the season and does not necessarily reflect if the season ended today.

The first thing you will notice is that there no longer is a Gainesville Regional. Florida lost five of eight SEC series this season and finished tied for sixth with three other teams at 12-12. The Gators won the head-to-head battles to earn the No. 6 seed. Kendyl Lindaman and Amanda Lorenz have been consistent offensively all season but that hasn't been enough for the Gators to return to the powerhouse we've known them to be. In fact, they have the worst offense in the conference. Pitching has also been questionable at times. Kelly Barnhill has carried the workload but at 27-11, she hasn't been the Pitcher of the Year that she's been in the past.

Taking over the available Regional Host site is Minnesota. The Gophers series win over Northwestern secured them a national seed.

Oklahoma's 38-game winning streak and perfect record in Big 12 play maintains the No. 1 seed with UCLA at No. 2.

Washington's sweep at Arizona this past weekend moved the No. 3 site to Seattle with Alabama and Florida State rounding out the top five.

In what has become the norm, a collection of SEC teams are battling for positioning and a shot to host Regionals and Super Regionals. In our current projection, Alabama is the only potential Super Regionals host but LSU (9), Tennessee (10), Kentucky (11) and Ole Miss (15) have a chance to move up or out depending on this week's SEC Tournament.

Northwestern is still a host at No. 14 despite losing to Minnesota last weekend and Oklahoma State stays in at No. 13 after getting swept by No. 1 Oklahoma last weekend.

JMU (12) and Louisiana (16) are both still hosts as well.

Softball America will keep you updated on scores around the country and track teams as they qualify throughout the weekend.

Norman, OK.
Lafayette, LA.
1. (1) Oklahoma^*1. (16) Louisiana^
2. Arkansas2. Florida
3. Oregon State3. Wisconsin
4. Fordham*4. Boston University*
Los Angeles, CAOxford, MS.
1. (2) UCLA^*1. (15) Ole Miss
2. Cal State Fullerton*2. Stanford
3. UNLV3. Lipscomb*
4. Weber State*4. UMass-Lowell*
Seattle, WA.Chicago, IL.
1. (3) Washington^1. (14) Northwestern^
2. Boise State2. Georgia
3. Brigham Young*3. Notre Dame
4. Seattle*4. Illinois-Chicago*
Tuscaloosa, AL.Stillwater, OK.
1. (4) Alabama^*1. (13) Oklahoma State^
2. North Carolina2. Tulsa
3. Ohio State3. Missouri
4. Marist*4. Southeast Missouri State*
Tallahassee, FL.Harrisonburg, VA.
1. (5) Florida State^1. (12) James Madison^*
2. South Florida*2. Auburn
3. Mississippi State3. Longwood*
4. Bethune-Cookman*4. St. John's*
Austin, TX.Lexington, KY.
1. (6) Texas^1. (11) Kentucky^
2. Arizona State2. Michigan*
3. North Texas*3. Louisville
4. Texas Southern*4. Miami (OH.)
Tucson, AZ.Knoxville, TN.
1. (7) Arizona^1. (10) Tennessee^
2. South Carolina2. Virginia Tech*
3. Colorado State*3. Southern Illinois
4. LIU-Brooklyn*4. UNC-Greensboro*
Minneapolis, MN.Baton Rouge, LA.
1. (8) Minnesota^1. (9) LSU^
2. Drake*2. Texas Tech
3. North Dakota State3. Houston
4. Harvard*4. Sam Houston State*

^ denotes host school
* denotes automatic qualifier

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