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Report: Nebraska Players Break Silence

(Photo Courtesy of Nebraska Athletics)

A report in The Washington Post on Friday detailed the series of events that led to Nebraska head coach Rhonda Revelle being placed on administrative leave.

The players, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke about emotional abuse and a toxic culture within the program that included fat-shaming and verbal abuse.

After nearly two months on leave, Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos told the team that Revelle would be reinstated.

Players are now discussing boycotting fall practice that begins on Sept. 1.

“This solidifies why more student-athletes don’t come forward, why they stay silent,” one current Nebraska player said in the report. “Who listens to us? Who are we supposed to talk to? How do we have a voice in anything?”

Tim Nevius, a former NCAA investigator, formed a new group this year called the College Athlete Advocacy Initiative that has provided legal services and advice to the Nebraska athletes.

In a release, the CIAA stated that several players expressed their concerns in anonymous exit surveys.

“Thereafter, the young women shared their concerns in a meeting with Bill Moos, Director of Athletics, and later, detailed their complaints in hours-long interviews with outside attorneys during an investigation.”

Both the Post and CIAA also claimed that several parents voiced their concerns and contacted the University.

“This is a complete failure to support the girls,” said the father of a current athlete in the CIAA release. “And there has been an utter lack of transparency by the administration. It’s just unacceptable.”

Click here to read the full Washington Post report.

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