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Ranking The Top 25 Names In College Softball In 2019

(Photo Courtesy of Kevin Snyder/ Arkansas Athletics)

Softball America has compiled a list of the top 25 names in Division I softball. This student-athletes on this list are not ranked by athletic ability or their performances in 2019. They are solely ranked by their impressive names.

Arkansas’ Autumn Storms tops the inaugural list followed by Washington’s SilentRain Espinoza and Tennessee’s Treasuary Poindexter.

1. Autumn Storms
2. SilentRain Espinoza
3. Treasuary Poindexter
4. KB Sides
5. Goose McGlaun
6. Margarita Corona
7. Chyenne Factor
8. Dixie Raley
9. Sydney Sickels
10. Kamalani Dung

11. Casey McCrackin
12. Arizona Ritchie
13. Montana Fouts
14. Madison Huskey
15. Bubba Nickles
16. Peanut Martinez
17. Lovie Lopez
18. Izzy Berouty
19. Skye Webb
20. Katelyn Kemmetmueller
21. Hailey Hoklotubbe
22. Raine Wilson
23. Hatti Moore
24. Celene Funke
25. Crosby Huckabay

nia carter photo by arkansas athletics.jpg

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