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Pocket Radar Pairs With Partner Apps In New Subscription Plan

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(Photo courtesy of Pocket Radar)

Pocket Radar continues to expand its offerings for both professional softball players and those looking to take the next step in the game, whatever that step is.

As part of the Pocket Radar Plus subscription launch, Pocket Radar will integrate with leading scoring, streaming and player development apps, connecting in-game and practice data for recruiting and development with new features such as slow-motion video and pitch tagging and charting.

"We chose to lean into what our customers value us most for: simplicity, accuracy, affordability and access to necessary, quality data," says Taylor Alexander, Pocket Radar vice president of strategy and business development.

The company known for capturing accurate speed-based metrics in a streamlined solution says they want the new features, such as pitch tagging and slow-motion video, to make the data their products capture "more contextually meaningful and useful."

The additional data points focus on player development and recruiting by offering metrics that can be accessible by coaches across the country. The subscription, which includes multi-tiered options that start at $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually and requires pairing with the Smart Coach Radar, allows users to embed velocities into in-game scoring and streaming apps, including GameChanger, AthletesGoLive, SidelineHD and Sporfie.

"Pocket Radar's integration with GameChanger has taken live streaming and scoring games to a new level," says Alex Trezza, market manager of GameChanger by Dick's Sporting Goods. "In a sport driven by data, this has added a new level of analytics and fan experience while watching baseball and softball live streams. Seeing the velo of every pitch while watching games and being able to see the results in the play-by-play will provide great benefits to our fans, coaches and players on the GameChanger platform."

The new pitch-tagging feature in the subscription allows coaches and players to track pitch types and locations, adding context to each practice or game.

"Pairing the reliability of Pocket Radar with the unbeatable data visuals and reports of BaseballCloud and SoftballCloud gives every single athlete on my rosters an advantage," says Scott Smith, national program director and head coach of Bombers Fastpitch. "Whether it's overhand throwing, pitching or tee-work drills, we can now track practice and in-game performance much easier. This will help us win big games, get players recruited and develop our athletes to their greatest potential."

The new Pocket Radar Plus subscription is available on iOS devices through the company's app, with an Android offering coming later in 2023.

Tim Newcomb covers gear and business for Softball America.

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