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NPF Launches On Player Ad Locations Program


National Pro Fastpitch announced the launch of its new advertising program on Nov. 28. The On Player Ad Location (OPAL) program will begin immediately, with apparel items making their debut in the 2019 season.

Hats, visors and arm sleeves are all ad apparel items where sponsorship logos can appear. All the items are designed to be worn by players throughout the season.

“We exist in the space of women’s professional sports, which in this day and time translates always, to players being underpaid,” said NPF Commissioner, Cheri Kempf in a press release. “This program allows sponsors to engage with players directly, and players to tap into their personal network resources, to add financial support to their endeavor of playing professional softball.”

OPAL allows sponsors to combine with team and league logos on any of the selected items. Partnerships begin at $2,500 for the season and can vary from player to player. Individual players have the ability to set pricing and exposure quality.

“This program can affect real change in enabling our players to focus on training and to remain professional athletes for as long as their ability allows,” continued Kempf. “This is a real game-changer in terms of helping support our athletes in a manner that matters most for them right now. We look forward to the fulfilling success this program is designed to yield.”
Exposure opportunities will include the following:

  • In venue “in-competition” visibility
  • Live streaming distribution of live content throughout the world
  • Digital video highlights available through social media and throughout the world on various platforms
  • Autograph sessions following each game
  • Optional inclusion of ancillary special events and appearances

To find out more about the program or to request an opportunity for branding to be worn by a specific player, go to:


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