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Nebraska's Tristen Edwards Creates Her Own Legacy

(Photo by NU Communications)

Before Tristen Edwards ever stepped into the batter's box at Bowlin Stadium, most people with any connection to the Nebraska softball program knew who she was. That's because Tristen is the younger sister of Tatum and Taylor Edwards, a pair of twins whose names fill the Cornhusker record book.

But Tristen isn’t just a baby sister to two All-Americans anymore. Heading into her final season in Lincoln, she’s earned that prestigious accolade herself.

“She’s made her own way,” longtime Nebraska coach Rhonda Revelle told Softball America in a phone interview. “What I mean by that is Tatum and Taylor each had their own career and their own success but they always had each other right by each other’s side every step of the way...With Tristen, for a lot of years she was Tatum and Taylor’s little sister to the softball world, but now people know her as Tristen Edwards because she’s made her own way.”

Of course it’s hard for the Nebraska faithful not to mention the twins to Tristen, as the pair helped push their team to the program’s latest appearance in the Women’s College World Series back in 2013. However, much like most people with siblings, Tristen has learned to stick up for herself.

“I love my sisters, of course,” Tristen said. “They’re great ball players, but I know what I can do and who I am and what I’ve done.”

Despite the reaction from others in Lincoln, Tristen has never received that treatment from Revelle. The two, who have known one another since Tristen was eight, have established their own bond in that time.

“When my sisters were being recruited, one of the things that stuck out to me about Nebraska was that they treated me like just another person. I was never my siblings' little sister,” Tristen said. “I kept that in mind when I started my recruiting and I just got the feeling of home. That’s what set them apart for me. It felt right for me to be here.”

One struggle that Revelle has is that there are times that Tristen will make a face or answer a question and Revelle will be reminded of Tatum and Taylor. That doesn’t bother Tristen, as she’s even admitted she’s a good mixture of her sisters.

Another quality the Edwards sisters share? Being very good softball hitters.

Tristen was on pace for a historic season in 2020 before it was cut short. The Nebraska slugger had been very productive at the plate in her first three seasons, but she took off this past spring. She attributes that success to switching from shortstop to the outfield and the comfort it brought her.

Revelle believes that Tristen's mental makeup finally caught up to her physical attributes.

“Someone that’s pretty gifted athletically, once their mindset catches up to their athleticism, that’s when you see the magic of those really special athletes,” Revelle said. “For me, that’s what happened with Tristen. I think that’s really fun for her, probably to the point where she wishes she got there sooner. But it’s a process. You get there when you get there.”

Revelle says that Tristen has a chance to be the best hitter of the three sisters, but cautioned that those are probably fighting words, especially for Taylor, whose 54 career home runs gave her the school record. Tristen doesn’t sit far behind that mark. Five home runs next season will put Tristen past Tatum’s career mark and a season total of 13 or more long balls will make her the best home run hitter in Nebraska history.

Whether or not Tristen does that, she’ll have a legacy of her own at Nebraska for her efforts on and off the softball field.

“What I really want people to remember me by is who I was off the field, the type of teammate that I was, the human being that I am,” Tristen said. “All of that stuff, to me, is a lot bigger. It shows your character, your personality, who you are. At the end of the day, I’m a softball player, but I’m also a person.”

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