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NCAA Declines Revote On Proposal To Add Third Paid Assistant

(Photo courtesy of Alabama Softball)

The proposal to add a third paid assistant coach in college softball and baseball was declined a revote by the NCAA late last week, D1 Baseball's Kendall Rogers reported.

According to Rogers' report, the next time the proposal will be able to be voted on will be in 2021.

As a result of a report from September, the Division I Council—which is comprised mostly of athletic directors from around the country—was expected to vote at some point this month for a second time about the position.

The original proposal was voted down by the Division I Council in April, which denied college softball and baseball programs the option to hire a third full-time assistant coach.

Numerous coaches within the college softball and baseball communities spoke out against the decision from April when it failed by a vote of 36-25. The legislation needed 32 votes in order to pass.

Under the NCAA's current rules, college softball and baseball teams are only allowed to have two paid assistant coaches on staff.

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