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Michaela Edenfield Captures Attention With Her Play, Makeup

Michaela Edenfield Photo by Ian Maule_Getty Images.jpg
(Photo by Ian Maule/Getty Images)

Art is expressive, transformative and passionate. And art can be defined however one wants it to be, even on a softball field.

During the 2023 Women's College World Series, art took center stage thanks to Florida State catcher Michaela Edenfield. Known as one of the best catchers in the country, Edenfield is also certainly one of the best make-up artists in college sports.

The looks she created captivated many and created a buzz in the softball world this past spring. At the Women’s College World Series in June, there were two things Edenfield did: hit bombs and provide looks.

Edenfield says the art she creates with makeup makes her feel confident, empowered and inspired to be the best version of herself. She has a significant following on TikTok—over 100K followers—where she does Get Ready With Me–style videos and provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at how she completes each look she creates. She has mastered both social media and her craft on the field.

The rising junior led the Seminoles in RBIs in 2023 with 56 and was a part of some of the best batteries in college softball.

And with her makeup, Edenfield was just as impressive this season. She displayed looks related to Earth Day, Pride, her own nickname (Area 51) and different moments that happened throughout her softball season. Her inspirations are important to her, and her looks throughout the WCWS were all related to causes that are close to Edenfield's heart. She trusts her vision and that in the end her look will be what she originally imagined.

Edenfield inspires people around the globe and uses her platform in ways that are meaningful. As a public person with a platform, it is easy to become weary due to the eyes of others constantly being on you. Edenfield, however, does not let it scare or faze her. She continues to be someone who uses her platform for good and is unapologetically herself.

The confidence Edenfield has built and established is contagious, and even helped lead her Florida State squad all the way to the WCWS championship series in 2023. Along with her teammates, Edenfield shows young softball players and fans that they are allowed to be exactly who they are and stand out if they so choose. And that lesson is more important now than ever before.

Now that she has the softball world's attention both on and off the field, expect Edenfield to continue to empower, inspire and be her truest self over the last two years of her college softball career and beyond.

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