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Marissa Peek On Catching, Why She Chose Iowa

(Photo by Iowa Softball)

Marissa Peek is a freshman catcher at the University of Iowa. After winning numerous awards in high school and playing travel ball for the St. Louis Chaos, Peek decided that Iowa would be her home for the next four years.

Softball America caught up with Peek to talk about her decision to become a Hawkeye and her catching experiences.

Softball America: Why did you decide to go to the University of Iowa?

Marissa Peek: I chose the University of Iowa because I fell in love with the campus and I knew I was going to be pushed hard by my coaches to reach my full potential.

SA: How long have you been catching for?

MP: I have been catching since I was 10, which has been eight years now.

SA: What is your favorite part about catching?

MP: My favorite part about catching is tagging a runner out at home in a close game.

SA: How do you feel you were able to develop your own personal catching techniques?

MP: I think I was able to develop my own personal techniques by watching college catchers on TV when I was younger and copying what they did.

SA: How are you able to create tight bonds of trust with your pitchers?

MP: I have been able to create bonds with my pitchers by talking with them about what pitches are working and which ones aren’t.

SA: What is your biggest piece of advice to other catchers?

MP: My biggest advice is, as a catcher, your job is to make your pitcher look good, not yourself.

SA: What is the most helpful information you've learned about catching since being at Iowa?

MP: The most helpful information I’ve learned about catching since being at school is to wait until the pitcher is in their motion before setting up to frame the pitch.

SA: What are you most looking forward to about this season?

MP: I am looking forward to competing with the best teams in the conference and winning a Big Ten championship.


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