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How Olympian Cat Osterman Eats To Stay In Elite Pitching Shape

(Photo courtesy of USA Softball)

Cat Osterman will head to her third Olympic Games with Team USA next summer in Tokyo. In order to prepare her body to face the world's most elite softball hitters at the 2020 Olympics, the 36-year-old pitcher sticks to a strict eating regimen that includes counting her macros and working with a sports dietician. She also manages to fit in some cheat meals and desserts on her journey to the Tokyo Olympics.

See below for a peek into Osterman's eating plan.


Osterman eats carb-heavy foods at the beginning of the day and incorporates proteins and fats into her diet later on.

A shake that includes protein, yogurt, orange juice, frozen fruit, avocado and spinach


A bowl of oatmeal, four eggs and a banana

Morning Snack

Osterman eats her morning snack after a workout.

A protein shake


A banana and half a bagel


A turkey sandwich with some fruit


Chicken and brown rice with some fruit

Afternoon Snack

Osterman consumes carbs and fats for her afternoon snack.

A bagel with peanut butter


Avocado toast


Osterman eats mostly proteins and vegetables for dinner.

Chicken with vegetables


Salmon with vegetables


Osterman consumes a scoop and a half of whey protein before going to bed, in order to give her body more protein and help it recover. Once a week, she also has "real" dessert, since she admittedly has a bit of a sweet tooth.



Oreos (Osterman only likes regular or Double Stuf Oreos.)

Cheat Day

Osterman's cheat day usually involves only one cheat meal.

Breakfast tacos or a breakfast scramble


Dinner at a Mexican restaurant that includes chips, salsa and fajitas

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