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How Brittany Brewer Balanced Division 2 Softball, Motherhood

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(Photo by Bowie State Athletics)

College softball student-athletes juggle numerous responsibilities throughout the school year, including making sure they are on top of their classwork, getting up early for weights and participating in long practices and games.

Bowie State University infielder Brittany Brewer had an extra priority to tackle off the field in addition to her commitments to her team. Back in May 2020, Brewer announced she was going to be a mother. After being away from the game for a year and a half, she was able to post a .327 batting average with a .986 fielding percentage to help lead the Bulldogs to a 2023 conference title and an appearance in the NCAA Division 2 Regionals.

In addition to her excellence at the plate, Brewer ranked eighth in the conference in fielding percentage and third in putouts in 2023. For her performance on the field, she was named a First-Team All-Conference selection.

Softball America spoke with Brewer about how she was able to balance school, softball and motherhood this past season for Bowie State.

Softball America: Did you ever expect to get back on the field after you gave birth to your son?

Brittany Brewer: Honestly, after having my son, Braylon, I was not expecting to get back into the game. It wasn’t until my parents and boyfriend influenced my decision to play again. With support and help from them, I had a supportive team that allowed me to attend practices, games and other softball-related functions. They pushed me to continue doing what I love.

SA: What were some challenges you faced on your journey back to the field?

BB: I had to overcome many challenges, especially challenges in my relationship. Having three-hour practices each day and working a full-time internship left minimal time for my family during the season. For over four months, it put a strain on my relationship in order to play softball.

SA: Were you nervous to play softball again after enduring pregnancy and childbirth?

BB: I was incredibly nervous to get back into the game. After taking over a year off, I couldn’t believe I was going to play again, and on top of that, I completely stopped playing. But once I started practicing, it came back naturally. Since I’ve played softball for so many years, it’s become a part of me I don’t think I could ever lose.

SA: How did people react to the news that you were having a child?

BB: Honestly, my family was torn. They believed me having a child during college was going to cause me to drop out and never play softball again. I, however, was beyond excited to welcome my son, and so were my friends. If I’m being completely honest, I never told my coach until after I had my son. When he found out, he congratulated me and welcomed me back on the team.

SA: What did you learn about yourself through this experience?

BB: Over the past year, I learned about my dedication and passion for achieving the higher goals I make for myself. I never know the things I can accomplish when I put my mind to it. I am beyond proud of myself for never giving up on myself.

SA: What advice do you have for your child after going through this experience?

BB: I would encourage my child to never give up and to always push himself to his limits. Even when I was having him, I made sure to never doubt myself because I wanted to make him proud. I want him to do the same, and to always give his best effort.

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