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Florida's Hannah Adams Talks Season's End, NCAA Eligibility

(Photo by Alana Healy)

Now that the dust has settled a bit in the college softball world following COVID-19's cancellation of the second half of the 2020 season, SA has taken some time to catch up with current college softball student-athletes while they are quarantined at home.

Today's college softball player on display is Florida junior infielder Hannah Adams, who was one of SA's 2020 NCAA Shortened Season All-Americans.

See SA's interview with Adams below.

Now that some time has passed since the initial shock of COVID-19 cancellations, how have you and your teammates been handling this situation? And how have you been managing your emotions through this?

Hannah Adams: Since the initial shock of COVID-19, my teammates and I have had a really tough time being apart from each other because we are all so close to one another. We are all managing our emotions by staying connected through weekly Zoom meetings to check in and see everyone. Doing this has helped us a lot, and it allows us to all see each other from all across the country and have conversations consistently.

What has been your favorite quarantine activity? Have you taken on any household projects or found something to keep you busy?

HA: My favorite quarantine activity has been doing small projects at home such as paintings or puzzles. I have managed to repaint my whole room, paint several pictures and do four puzzles with my family. Doing these has definitely helped keep us busy.

What do you think about the NCAA’s decision about eligibility?

HA: I feel as though the NCAA’s decision about eligibility was great. I appreciate what they are doing as far as keeping everyone safe and healthy, and I think it was a great decision to grant an additional year of eligibility to those who want it. It is a great opportunity, especially for seniors, to be able to finish out their careers on their own terms.

Assuming a lot of seniors come back across the country, how good do you think this sport will be next spring with the depth of talent that every team might have?

HA: With the depth that each team is going to have next year, I feel as though the competition will be like nothing we have ever seen before. Each team will have a handful of experienced players as well as strong incoming players. It will be so fun to be able to compete against teams that have reached a new level, and it will also be so fun to see the level of competition that the Gators are going to be able to reach next year. I am very excited for the upcoming season.

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