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Five Fall Recruiting Tips From A College Softball Player

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(Photo by Rowan Athletics)

The fall recruiting season is here for high school softball players, which means college softball hopefuls around the country are in the midst of a crucial time in their recruiting processes.

The fall season is when club softball players can really get a taste of where they want to go to college. During the fall, players can take unofficial visits to schools to get a better understanding of college life since campuses are busy at this time of year. Players can even attend fall practices, games and camps at the schools they are looking at.

Rowan University junior infielder and Softball America intern Breanna Bryant offered five tips below for club softball players in the midst of the fall recruiting season.

Send Your Schedule

Send your schedule to the coaches from the schools you are interested in. As soon as you know your club softball schedule for the fall, send it to college coaches early so they can plan their schedules accordingly and find a way to come see you play. The earlier you get them your schedule, the better because coaches get so many different schedules from other players and need to plan out where they are heading.

Go To Camps

Going to college camps is very important in the recruiting process. Coaches can see you up close and decide more thoroughly if you will be a good fit for their program. It is a good way to make a personal connection with coaches, too. If you have an idea of where you want to go to college, attend that school's camp, but if you aren’t so sure yet, you can attend an exposure camp where many different coaches will be.

Take Unofficial Visits

If you are a high school junior, start looking to take unofficial visits at college campuses in the fall because that is the time of year when college coaches are usually less busy than in the spring and they have more time for it.

Make A Skills Video

If college coaches can’t come out to see you play in the fall, have a short skills video ready that you can send to them via email. That way, coaches are able to see what you can do on the field. A pro tip is to make sure the video is not too long because coaches have a lot of videos sitting in their inboxes waiting to be watched.

Have Fun

The best advice to help you get recruited is for you to remember to have fun during the process. Having fun and showing your true self on the field is the best way to get recruited because coaches can see how much you are enjoying the game and how much passion you have when you play. Coaches really pay attention to the small things, so don't miss out on the opportunities you have to make a big difference for yourself.

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