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Dear Kendall, A Draft Night Letter From Your Brother

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Dear Kendall,

I’m so happy to have this moment. We finally have this opportunity to share something that has been such a big part of both of our lives.

It’s an honor for me to give this honor to you. I’ve seen you grow from playing in the backyard into one of the biggest home run hitters at Auburn and the SEC.

Watching you play and grow as a player is more of a gift than what I can give you.

But, this means everything. The reason I’m in softball is because of you.

Being able to coach you when you were young is what got me into coaching. Being able to give back to you and have you give something to me is everything. Two of the greatest years in my coaching career were at Auburn with you and being able to have two more means the world to me.

We’re only three years apart and being that close in age, there was a lot of fighting and bickering growing up but having that relationship has been important to both of our successes and we are able to relate.

It was always a dream one day. I didn’t think this moment would be here this fast. But, here we are and with the seventh overall pick of the 2019 College Draft the Beijing Eagles select you.


Your brother


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