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Cambry Arnold Returns Home For Final Year Of College Softball

(Photo by JMU Athletics)

Cambry Arnold had quite the three seasons at James Madison University, racking up 130 hits, a batting average of .327 and 96 runs.

After having to sit out the shortened 2020 college softball season due to an injury, she made the choice to transfer back home to Ohio State University for her last season of college softball. Arnold brings three years of postseason experience to the Buckeyes, including a super regional appearance in 2019.

Find out more about Arnold's softball journey below.

Softball America: What made you want to finish your last season of college softball with the Buckeyes?

Cambry Arnold: I wanted to become a Buckeye because being a Buckeye is an honor. I grew up 45 minutes away watching the Buckeyes ever since I was a young player. The players on the team were role models to me and I hoped that I could be like them one day. Having the opportunity to come home to play for the Buckeyes means the world to me.

SA: How was it playing in super regionals? How will you take that experience, along with all the rest of your postseason experience, into this season and use it to your advantage?

CA: Playing in the super regionals was one of the best moments in my life. It was a dream come true. I will take that feeling of making it to a super regional and use it as motivation to work hard and become better every single day to get back there.

SA: What are you most looking forward to this season with Ohio State?

CA: I am most looking forward to building lifelong friendships with my teammates and watching how we all grow together into stronger young women this year.

SA: What are your goals for this season?

CA: My biggest goals for this season aren’t just winning games. Of course, it is always a goal to win as many games as possible, but my biggest goal is to leave the program having made a difference and to be a part of helping the program grow. With that, I hope to learn and grow as an individual alongside my teammates and become a better person with them after this year.

SA: What do you want people to say about the play and career of Cambry Arnold when you hang up the cleats?

CA: Once I hang up the cleats, I hope that people can say I was a fighter who played with grit. I want people to know and see that I gave my absolute all to every single opportunity I got.

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