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Boise State Makes Statement, Florida Shuts Out Boston

(Photo Courtesy of Boise State Athletics)

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- After a heartbreaking three-game sweep against conference-rival Fresno State, Boise State found redemption and made program history in Game 1 of the Gainesville Regional.

Boise State (35-14) defeated Stanford (32-19) 9-1 for its first-ever NCAA Tournament win.

Boise State shortstop Rebekah Cervantes kicked the demolition off with a home run to left field at the top of the fourth. The score inspired four more runs after three scoreless innings.

Right-fielder Ashlyn Adams participated in the scoring effort, but credits the surge to the senior’s leadership.

“Rebekah is a leader for this team, and we all know it,” Adams said. “If she can do it and shows us it’s all possible, that makes us feel a little better about it. It took a little bit, but she showed us.”

Two critical errors committed by Stanford in the fourth and seventh paved way for six unearned runs by Boise State.

Boise State pitcher Kelsey Broadus (14-6) had herself quite the win, keeping Stanford at bay. She allowed just one run on six hits and two walks.

Stanford starting pitcher Carolyn Lee (11-10) fell victim to Stanford’s position, giving up five runs on five hits and two walks.

Stanford’s offense took advantage of a last-minute error in the bottom of the seventh and assembled a score, but that was far from enough to remedy the damage done by Boise State.

No part of Game 1 of the Gainesville Regional at Katie Seashole Pressly Stadium looked like Boise State’s second NCAA Tournament appearance. In fact, it appeared to be quite the opposite.

First-year head coach Maggie Livreri took pride in her team’s historical display.

“This is just so big for these girls,” Livreri said. “They’ve earned everything that they’ve accomplished, and this one is another accomplishment to check off the list.”

Florida’s Barnhill Delivers A Shutout to Boston

For a moment, it seemed as if Kelly Barnhil (31-11) met her match in Boston University sophomore Ali DuBois (23-10).

Florida (45-15) ultimately picked up a win in a 3-0 shutout against Boston University (37-19). But the four opening scoreless innings kept Florida’s offense on its toes.

DuBois held Florida to an offensive standstill. Despite battling illegal pitch calls, the sophomore pitcher stood her ground until a Kendyl Lindaman double led Florida to break through and score a run. Florida would put up three runs on the scoreboard to seal the deal early, with help from Amanda Lorenz and pinch-runner Lily Mann.

“She was mixing speeds and moving the ball around,” Lindaman said. “Eventually, we caught onto it and adjusted to the little things.”

The shutout was nearly threatened in the sixth by a pair of back-to-back singles from Boston, but shortstop Sophia Reynoso’s clutch dive into the third base camera well saved the day.

Boise State and Florida will face off in Game 3 of the Gainesville Regional on Saturday, May 17 at 2 p.m. Stanford and Boston University will play in Game 4 at 4:30 p.m. The winner of Game 4 will face off against the winner of Game 3 at 7 p.m.

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